Why Not Make An Adoption Plan?

Like all of your options for your unplanned pregnancy, placing your child for adoption is a difficult decision. But depending on your situation, it could be the perfect solution.

Take a closer look at making an adoption plan for your child. It may be challenging, but with the support of others, adoption can be the most loving and selfless choice you can make.

Types of Adoption

There are three types of adoption: open, semi-open, and closed. As the birth mother, you select the couple to raise your child.

How much contact you wish to have with your child determines the type of plan you choose.

Open Adoption

Open adoption means you and the adoptive family share identifying information. You exchange full names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. Together, you decide the level of contact you want to have with one another.

Open adoption allows women to tell their children they chose this path out of love. It connects the child to their heritage, and everyone builds a new relationship.

Closed Adoption

Although rare today, the chance to move on is why some women choose a closed adoption. If you prefer complete privacy, you will select this plan, and your adoption specialist will select an adoptive couple for you.

No identifying information is shared, and you won’t have further contact with your child or the adoptive family.

Semi-Open Adoption

This plan is perfect for women who want some contact with their child but also want to remain anonymous. You share first names with the adoptive couple, but any other communication you have is through a third party, such as your adoption agency or attorney.

We Can Provide Referrals And Information

Without the proper instruction, the adoption process can be confusing. We have a network of reputable and professional adoption agencies in our area to refer you to.

In addition to a list of approved agencies, we provide free educational resources. Schedule an appointment to talk about the option of making an adoption plan today.

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