If you were pregnant previously and had an abortion, there are many reasons why you may be interested in another pregnancy option this time around. You need accurate information to make a sound decision. 

Life’s Choices Women’s Clinic is a medical facility providing expert care to women with unplanned pregnancies. We care about your situation and offer non-judgmental information about pregnancy options. 

What Can I Choose?

If you don’t have an abortion, you’ll carry your pregnancy to term and can select either parenting or adoption. Making the best decision for your lifestyle and needs is essential. 


Adoption can seem difficult and even painful to some. Though it can be challenging, there are several benefits to choosing this option. You can play a significant role in your child’s life and know they are being cared for. 

Today, birth mothers are an active participant in the adoption process. They can select the adoptive family, shape the course of their child’s life, and even form lasting relationships. 

Multiple adoption plans exist:

  • Open adoption: With open adoption, you’ll form a relationship with the adoptive family through phone calls, letters, or regular visits. The child will know who you are and how you fit into their life story.
  • Semi-open adoption: Though not as common, semi-open adoption facilitates contact with the family through a third party like an adoption attorney or agency.
  • Closed adoption: Closed adoptions provide the most confidentiality. You remain anonymous, and the courts seal all identifying records.

If you choose adoption, you won’t pay for any services. You’re in control, and no one can force you to make a specific pregnancy decision. If you want to learn more, Life’s Choices Women’s Clinic provides reputable adoption agency referrals and listens to your concerns.


Parenting is a life-changing decision that comes with difficulties and joy. Raising a child is a big responsibility that isn’t right for everyone, but it could be possible with the proper support. 

There’s a lot to consider when thinking about this option. For example, you should think about whether you have the financial means to parent, if you live in a safe home environment, and more. 

Speaking to loved ones can help determine whether a support system is available. Life’s Choices Women’s Clinic can discuss parenting with you. We’ll also provide community resources and no-cost classes if you choose parenting. 

Support is Available

Life’s Choices Women’s Clinic has the no-cost, confidential services you need to make a pregnancy decision, including telehealth appointments. We’re here to answer your questions. 

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