Ultimately, you alone have the right to make a pregnancy decision. Regardless of which option you’re considering, no one can pressure or coerce you into choosing a specific one. 

While you don’t have to share your intended pregnancy decision with your partner, there are several reasons why you may want to do so. We’ll outline the top things to consider below. 

And if you want no-cost, confidential options counseling, Life’s Choices Women’s Clinic is here for you. 

Should I Share My Intended Decision or Keep It to Myself?

An unplanned pregnancy can create some tension or anxiety as you navigate your options and make a decision. You may feel overwhelmed or uncertain about your next steps. 

If you’re in a loving relationship with your partner, staying transparent about any intended decision, including abortion, helps build trust. Your partner may have his own concerns, and engaging in open communication helps you better understand each other’s views.

You may learn that your partner is more open to parenting or adoption than you thought or that he’s willing to learn more about each pregnancy option. As you learn more about abortion, adoption, and parenting, having a support person will be crucial. 

Of course, there are circumstances where it may be unsafe to discuss your pregnancy with a partner. If your partner is abusive, know that you deserve safety and respect. Contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline to receive 24/7 support and assistance. 

What Should I Do Before I Make My Decision?

Before making a decision, obtain essential information about your pregnancy with a limited ultrasound at Life’s Choices Women’s Clinic. Learn whether your pregnancy is viable (progressing and has a heartbeat), how far along you are (the gestational age), and its location prior to selecting an option. 

We’re here for you–and your partner. Our medical facility is staffed with nurses who can provide accurate information on all your options in a confidential, non-judgmental environment. 

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